Movie Credits (Green Lantern) Text Effect

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Learn how to create the text effect found on Green Lantern's movie credits in Photoshop.

In this tutorial we'll try to recreate the end credits from the Green Lantern movie.

Getting the resources

First, let's get the resources we need. For the purposes of this tutorial, I downloaded the free Boris Black Bloxx font from dafont. If you want to match the results of this tutorial, download it and install it as well, or you can use a substitute if you wish. For best results, use a wide font.

Next, I've created my background using the well explained Starburst Background tutorial. I've also added a few more things which I'll explain below.

Designing the background

Create a new 800x600 document in Photoshop. Set #18441c as your background color. Follow the tutorial linked above to design the basics. I used thinner triangles, with the foreground color of #007537 and only rotated them 15� at a time. Here's what I have after adding in all the shapes.

Once you've reached this result (if you need any help, just post in the comments), select all your shape layers and hit Ctrl + G (or Cmd + G on a Mac). This will group all the shape layers together. Next, right click the layer and click Convert to smart object. This will allow us to apply effects (such as radial blur, which we will use here), but still keep the original shape and elements intact, in case we want to change the color or size later. Once you have the smart object, go to Filters > Blur > Radial Blur and enter 3px for the amount. This should be the result (or very similar, depending on the size and amount of shapes you used initially).

Set the two colors you are using (#18441c and #007537) as your background and foreground color. Make a new layer above the starburst and fill it with your foreground color. Next, go to Filter > Render > Clouds. Make sure you have this new layer selected and click the "Add vector mask" from the toolbar in your Layer Palette. Your colors should have switched to black and white and the mask should be selected. Now, select the brush tool and set hardness to 0%, choose ~160px as the size.

Start "painting" on the outsides of the image until you have an irregular "shape" in the middle. Aim for this:

Duplicate the cloud layer and set the blending mode of the upper one to Color Dodge and reduce the opacity to 35%. We are now ready to add the Green Lantern text.

Styling the end credits text

Select the type tool, choose the BorisBlackBloxx font and set the font size to 48px. Type your desired text in the center of the image. You can use #e5ac45 as the base color for the font, but we'll override that later with a layer style.

Open up the layer properties for the text layer and use the following options:

The gradient I used is from Graphisutra's Precious Metal Gradients. Grab that pack to quickly apply the gradient, or you can also recreate it, the colors are from ##cc9922 to #ffcc22.

Once you've applied the layer style, you should have something like this:

Now, we'll create the black depth effect. To make things easier on ourselves, we'll be utilizing the help of actions. First, copy the text layer and place the copy below the original text. Remove all layer styles and put a black overlay. Rasterize the layer by going to Layer > Rasterize > Layer.

Go to Window > Actions to have the actions window open. Click New and save it. The recording should be automatically activated. Make sure your duplicate layer is selected (should be right under your original text layer), right click on it and select Duplicate. Press Ctrl + T (or Cmd + T on a Mac), enter 99% of the width and 99% for the height. Go back to the Actions window and hit Stop. Start clicking on "play", it should start creating the effect, shrinking and moving towards the center. I ended up with 150+ copies of the layer before it was close enough to the center. Just merge all your copies now and you are done!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.