Morbid Text Effects

Mario Madjarov is an architecture student with a great passion for design and creative work.

A lot of his works can be found at his deviantART page.

That's some seriously morbid text.

Today we’re going to practice a few techniques, which you could find pretty useful in the future.
Now, I must say that we’ll be working with only a few layers and you’ll be amazed by how quickly we’ll obtain the effect.

Alright, now let’s get to business.

First, start with #353535 colored blank document in Photoshop. Size: 687 px width and 527 px height.
Then chose some font type and using the default white #FFFFFF color, add any text you want.
Change the name of the text layer into “Effective Layer”.

Now duplicate the “Effective Layer” and rename the duplicated layer as “Front Text”.
Then, turn off the visibility of the “Front Text” layer and get back to the “Effective Layer”.

While you’ve got your “Effective Layer” selected chose Filter > Stylize > Wind.
After you chose that command it will automatically ask you if you want to get your layer rasterized. You’ll need to click OK.

(Rasterizing that layer means your vector text layer has lost the vector abilities and turned into a rasterized one, which basically means you’re no longer able to edit/resize that layer without losing quality)

So, if you have rasterized the layer already you’ve probably reached the Wind Filter option.

By adding the Wind Filter you’re supposed to have something like this.

Now as you can see, you’ve winded the layer from right to left, which means you’ve already stylized the layer from the first side.

Now transform the layer for 90 degrees CCW and add the same Wind Filter on it.

As you probably assumed, we’re supposed to add the same filter from the all 4 sides of it so keep transforming the layer and adding the filer.

Now, I have to admit, comparing to the primary shape of the text layer, we’ve done a lot and we definitely achieved some creepy look.

Alright now, get it back to the primary orientation, which means, transform it for an extra 90 degrees.

So, you remember we’ve done a duplicate of the basic layer before we done the rasterization of it?
Then drag the “Front Text” in front of the “Effective Layer”. As for the visibility of the layer, keep it turned off.

Now, if you managed all that - select the “Effective Layer” again and go to Filter > Distort > Ripple.

Now enter the Layer Properties.

Now duplicate the “Effective Layer” and merge those 2 layers.

This is how should looks like when it’s duplicated and merged.

Alright, guess we’re done with the “Effective Layer” so let’s work a bit on the “Front Text”.