Metal Text Effects

Mario Madjarov is an architecture student with a great passion for design and creative work.

A lot of his works can be found at his deviantART page.

Learn the techniques of building a Rusty Metal Look on your desireable text.

Hello dear visitor and Welcome to The Metal Text Effects Tutorial.

In this tutorial we'll examine the procedure of engaging the desired text with a rusty-scraped metal look. We'll guide you threw and get you in touch with all of the techniques of how to manipulate and how to apply all of the required patterns, the tone variation and all of the rest.

So let's get down to business, right away!

First of all, create a New Document with sizes of: 720x420 px and color the background in #434343.

Then, apply some random text. In this case sine we're working a metal techniques I'm gonna write down the word - "Metal".

Now, enter the Layers Properties of the text layer and follow the steps:

Now, for the bump texture I've used THIS resource.