Graffiti Crime Text

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Create this striking graffiti crime text in Photoshop in just a few steps.

In this Photoshop tutorial we'll be creating the grafitti crime text effect shown above. To prepare, grab these Cracked Wall Grunge brushes.

Create a new document, 700x300 in size. Paint the background with a gradient, #d70000 to #ab0000.

Create a new layer above and load the brushes you just downloaded. Using black as your foreground color, start painting some cracks on the background.

Add some text on top of that with a font of your choice. Big bold fonts work best for this technique.

Open a new document with the exact same size (700x300). I selected the 714px, Crack 4 brush. Place one on the document.

We'll want to make some sharp edges on the text layer in our original document and since all of these brushes are a bit smooth, we'll need to sharpen them. Go to the Image > Adjusments > Levels tool and select the following options:

This will shapren all the edges on our cracked brush, as shown below.

Now we want to define this as a new brush. Edit > Define Brush Preset.

Close this document since we're not going to need it anymore.

On your crime text document, create a new layer mask on your text layer and using the brush you just created, cut out some pieces.

Go to the layer blending options and add a gradient overlay. Use the colors #bdc6cd to #eef6f9.

Duplicate this layer and place it below the original one. Select the move tool (V on your keyboard). We'll create a simple 3D effect on the text. Hold down the Alt (Option) key and using the arrows on your keyboard, repeatedly hit left and down.

Merge all the duplicated layers and using the layer blending options, set a black color overlay.