Quick Photo Retouch

Dino Angelov writes about all things design and is the owner of a Free PSDs search engine.

Quickly and easily retouch photos to remove small skin irregularities and give it a smoother look.


Welcome! In this photoshop tutorial I'm going to show you a way to retouch your digital photos. This isn't an advanced technique to professionally enhance photos, but it's a technique you'll be able to remember and use time and time again, and something you can apply to a batch of images easily and in no time.

  First, begin by opening a sample image. You can use this one if you want to, I'll base my screenshots on this photo.

Next, you should grab the smudge brush. Pick a non-hard brush (can be 0% hardness as well), set the strength to 5% and start smudging. Cover every part of her face except the eyes and teeth.

(this is zoomed 2x)

You should now duplicate the layer and use the following settings:Blending Mode: Screen, Opacity: 45%.

Then duplicate the layer again, and use the options in the screenshot below.

If you want to add a small shiny/glow effect to the skin, you can pick up the dodge tool and using the settings in the screenshot below, you can start dodging areas you'd like to be brighter.

This is what my final result looks like. It was fast and easy, and yet, you can compare the two images, and tell me, who's better looking? :)

You could also experiment with different "smudging" techniques. You can try blurring the image instead of smudging it (apply some heavy blur), but you'll need to mask out the eyes and the teeth, as we don't want them blurry.

You can experiment with the blending modes until you get an effect you like.

That's about it - fast and simple. Here's the comparison between the original and the final one: