Create Fake Sunglassess Reflection

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Easily create a fake reflection in sunglasses.

Getting the resources

I've used this Baby in Sunglasess picture, grab that or use your own. For the reflection, I've used this stock photo of Las Vegas.


Let's begin

Open the baby in sunglasses picture, or the one you want to use.

Use the quick selection tool to easily select the area where the sunglasses' lens are:

To get a smoother selection, go to Selection > Modify > Feather. Pick 2-3 pixels or more, depending on the resolution of your image. Now, open the second image (the one that you want to use for the reflection) and copy it. Go back to the first image, where you still have your selection and go to Edit > Paste Special > Paste Into (this might differ between versions of Photoshop, but the "Paste Into" is what we are looking for). This will create a new layer with your original image and a layer mask applied. Move/resize the image as you see fit.

Make a new group and place the reflection layer inside. We'll add a layer mask to the group - that way we can keep all our images separate and we can easily replace the reflection with another image later if we want to. Add a black to white gradient inside the layer mask.

After that, reduce the opacity of the reflection and play around with the blending modes. I used Pin Light as the blending mode and about 50% opacity.