Design a Calendar Widget

Mario Madjarov is an architecture student with a great passion for design and creative work.

A lot of his works can be found at his deviantART page.

Learn how to draw a Calendar that can be used as a Desktop Widget or a Web Add-On. Fully made in Adobe's Photoshop.

Hello dear visitor and Welcome to The Calendar Tutorial.

Today in this tutorial we're going to experience how easily can we draw an interface of a Calendar. We'll be making a mini version of a Calendar which can be used as a Desktop Widget, Web Add-On and etc... depending on your needs ofcourse.

So let's not waste a minute more and get down to business right away.

Firstly create a New Document with sizes of 720x450px and color the Background in #5E5E5E.

After that, create 2 New Layers and name them as: LPlot and RPlot.
Now using the Pen Tool or the Rectangular/Elliptical Marquee Tools, create 2 new shapes in each one of the layers you've settled.

Now enter in each one of the layers and apply these settings: