Ultimate Guide to Colors Part. 04 [Putting It All Together]

Kayla is a student and an artist coming from Canada. Enjoys rock and electronic music and can be found on deviantART.

In this part we'll actually see how much we've learned so far of this BOX-SET Tutorial. We are going to put all of it together and see what happens. We'll go through a various examples of: skin, objects and textures.

Hello dear visitor, and Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the Colors Tutorial | Part 04.

First of all, we’d like to thank Kayla for her wonderful color tutorial and the permission to modify it and republish here. We suggest visiting Kayla’s page for more educational stuff.

In this part we’ll actually  see how much we’ve learned so far of this BOX-SET Tutorial. We are going to put all of it together and see what happens. We’ll go through a various examples of: skin, objects and textures and also some tips on how to create the ones shown below.


First of all you should know that hard, smooth surfaces means crisp and sharper edges. Softer surfaces, means softer transitions between values.

Dark recedes, while light comes forward! So, if you want to make a light object pop off the page, put it in a dark background.

Remember our different color schemes? I hope so, because we are adding some to our objects! Color is really the most important part of a picture, it affects the overall mood and atmosphere.

Example 01:

First you should sketch out what you are going to paint, hopefully you can recognize that I’m doing Iron Man.

Example 02:

Metal reflects light, and he is made of metal. The light source is the bottom right, and I’ve gone in to black out the light hits.

Example 03:

Here, I put in details like scratches, and some extra shading.

Example 04:

Okay, here is a split complimentary color scheme. Red, yellow, and a light blue.

Even when you are picking a skin palette, remember warm/cool/neutral undertones. And just because that’s your skin palette, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add in more colors to give your picture life.

Try out different schemes before you settle on the one you think is the best.

That’s it, you’re done. Congratulations! :)

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