Make a Plush Material & Embellish a Custom Logo In It

Dino Angelov writes about all things design and is the owner of a Free PSDs search engine.

Find out how to design a plush-like material from scratch and place a custom embellished logo in it with a very realistic effect.

This tutorial does not require any specific external resources, so we can get right to it. Let's start with a small new document, say 480x380px. Keep the background white. Now, place a small rounded square in the middle of the document, as shown below.

Now select the Dune Grass brush, shown in the screenshot below.

Set #1a857c as your primary color, white as your secondary color. Open the brushes window and set the Angle Jitter to 100%.

Create a new layer over the square you created, change the brush size to around 20px and start painting until you fill it all up.

Duplicate the layer and set the top layer's blending mode to Color Burn.

Create another layer on top of these. Change the brush to a normal rounded soft brush, choose around 80px brush size and the color white as your primary color. Paint over the left and top parts of the square. I've shown below how to do it. The background color was changed to black just so you can see the brush strokes.

Change the layer opacity to roughly 30%. Ctrl (Cmd) + Click on the plush layers below, hold Shift to add the 2nd layer to the selection too. Now Select > Inverse and hit Delete. This should get rid of the light outside of the "pillow". Create a new layer, change the primary color to black and paint the bottom and right parts of the square. Repeate the deleting step from before to get right of any shadow falling outside of the pillow.

Once you've done those steps - you should get what I did above. Proceed to the next page to add the logos/designs inside.