Create a Rubber Stamp

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Learn how to create a realistic rubber stamp in Photoshop.

Getting the resources

The only resource we'll need for this tutorial are some grunge brushes. This Brusheezy pack seems to be the most popular, and will work perfectly for making the rubber stamp.


Creating the rubber stamp in Photoshop

Create a new document, 600x600. Select the ellipse tool and create a big circle in the middle of the document. The color I'm using for the stamp is #1a0295.

Make sure that your layer vector mask is selected, and for the ellipsis tool, select the Exclude option.

Position your mouse cursor in the middle of the circle and holding the Alt (Option on Mac) key, start dragging towards the ends of the circle. Then, select the Path Selection tool and move the inner shape until the borders of the circle are even at all sides.

Again, make sure that the layer vector mask is selected in your layers panel and position your cursor near the inner border of the circle. The text cursor should have a small wave (~) across it, which means that the text will follow the shape below it. Click to start typing.

Select the text you just typed and open the Character panel.

Here, I've increased the spacing between the letters to 500, moved the baseline shift to 12px (this moves the text away from the border) and increased the font size until the ends of the text match as shown in the screenshot below:

Now, add your logo in the middle of the circle.

Select all your layers except the background and hit Ctrl + G (Cmd + G on Mac). This will create a new group and place your selected layers inside it. Add a layer mask to the group and using the brush tool, add a few strokes to it.

That's it. Show us your designs and let us know what you think in the comments.