20 Profitable Job Boards for Freelancers to Compete

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If you are a freelancer, this post must be in your bookmarks. It presents the best job boards and some advices about the universe of freelancing.

If you are just a little bit interested in finances or you are interested about your future you can’t ignore the global economical situation. The situation doesn’t seems to be pinkish but I am pretty sure that it will be repaired by the specialists. The world of freelancers was very affected, people preferring to keep their money safe instead of investing them.

Under these circumstances, it’s hard to imagine that some people are staying home, have tons of work to do and the crisis bring them advantages. Freelancers, the huge majority of them being in IT or web design, are people that chose to work from home as individuals and quit having a regular job. In this way, they decide 100% what should they do - it seems to be the perfect job, doesn't it?

Here are very briefly explained the advantages and the disadvantages of being a freelancer; I will greatly appreciate if you want to add your own points of view, feel free to use the comment form.



1. Freedom

For a freelancer, the expressions such as “my boss asked for” or “my boss commanded” must be forgotten. The freelancers don’t have bosses (altough some people say that every new client becomes a new boss), they are the ones that decide what kind of projects to take, how to realize these, and how to schedule their working time. They are themselves responsible for their success or failure and the road they take to get there.

2. Work from home

Believe me, it’s fantastic to stay in your pijamas until midday or work from your bed. A freelancer not only is allowing himself to do these, but is also constantly enjoying these small pleasures. And when you feel like you've been stuck at home for too long, you can always head to the local coffee shop and change up the environment.

3. Full control over your career

Almost everyone finds a specialization while evolving their career; while working into a web design agency there is a great chance to be ”pushed” into a direction, as freelancer you decide what should became your strong point and what you focus most of your energy on.



1. Incertitude

Working for a web design agency/company can be truly difficult but in the most cases the boss will understand that your mistakes are human and you have your fellow colleagues to help. A freelancer is on his own and any decision is 100% reflecting back into his pocket. Briefly, you escape from the high pressure of a boss and choose another boss, that sometimes is even more demanding, YOU!

2. The lack of time

A normal employee is has a defined time to work, eight hours a day, any supplementary activity being paid (most often, twice as the normal working time). A freelancer doesn't have a schedule, but it’s not equivalent of not working; much more, sometimes (rather regularly) a freelancer works more than eight hours per day as the undefined schedule mixes in with the day to day activities.

3. It’s difficult to clearly separate the work and family

A freelancer has a family, sooner or later maybe a spouse or a child. Working from home, without a separate office, may transform freelancing into a challenging situation. The reciprocal understanding between the family members is mandatory for any freelancer in this situation, else, personally, I don’t see freelancing a viable solution to work in this world, as having an unbalanced work and personal life can lead to unhappiness.

Ultimately, the decision is in your hands so don’t be scared by the challenges preseented above, everything is possible. The next job boards are the most popular online presences where anyone interested by freelancing may find clients and projects to work on. Unfortunately, a job board is a very good idea but sometimes it's hard to get started. If you are interested and plan on giving freelancing a chance, I really recommend paying attention to all the offers, and trying to find one that you'd be happy to do. Don't always apply for the cheapest offers, even if you are just getting started, as it can quickly lead to dissappointment and overwork. I've compiled a list of frequently used and highly popular job boards that are always full of activity, new projects and a great way to find work. If you're decided, chose one or two of these that you feel comfortable with and start competing!

1. Freelancer

It’s a very famous name in this domain. The jobs are from various fields, it's unlikely not to find something suitable for your skills. The registration is free but you can bid only for 15 projects (the basic type of account, you should pay for more bids).

2. Guru

It’s pretty the same as the first job board, here you may bid for 10 projects across 30 days.

3. Elance

Elance is a selective place where is applied the same treatment: free registration, tons of projects and a limited possibility to compete.

4. oDesk

This isn’t only a job board, here the customers can make an opinion both on the portfolio but also on the tests passed. If you want to test your skills, try some tests from here.

5. Vworker

These five job boards are the most famous, it’s unimaginable for a freelancer not to know these. As a personal advice, be very careful, not all the clients are fair and not all the designers are really seeking for a job.

6. Behance

It a wonderful idea to have in the same place tons of amazing portfolios and a job board. Behance is well know as a great place to show your best works and by inserting a job board, the clients will be able quickly evaluate your skills. Designers on Behance are usually very good in their fields, so this website is highly competitive.

7. Smashing Magazine job board

To have a posting on this job board you should pay a reasonable amount of money and it is a clear sign that the employer is very serious and really needs the best specialists.

8. Mashable job board

Mashable is a famous blog and the team behind it has created a great job board, you can look for a job corresponding to your skills.

9. Freelance Switch

The jobs from here are really interesting and well paid. As a job seeker you must pay a monthly subscription but I think the money invested will return in a very profitable way.

10. Sitepoint Market

Initially, Sitepoint was a great resource for web designers & developers but from some time ago they offer a job board.

11. Authentic jobs

Here are good jobs, you may select even full time jobs unless freelancing can’t be a solution for you.

12. Krop

There is nothing to present, Krop is well-know and of course, here are very good clients and the best designers are competing for them.

13. Wired

It is another job board, very similar to Krop; there are tons of offers, all for you!

14. Coroflot

Coroflot is a very good solution to find a job, the palette of solutions is very large and simply everyone may find a good job proposal.

15. 37 signals

They announce on the header that even Apple or Facebook used 37 signals to recruit some brilliant minds, so it's definitely a popular and possibly rewarding job board to check.

16. WP Hired

Word Press fabulously evolved and a job board only for the specialists in this fields was necessary and it is, quite probable, the most important if you are doing web design.

17. Problogger

The bloggers can’t be ignored and here is a special job board that is exclusively for them. The proposals are very good but also only the very good bloggers are hired.

18. Mad jobs

Definitely, if you are creative this is the place for you, here are jobs mostly oriented for people benefing from great imagination.

19. Scriptlance

If you aren’t satisfied with the previous ones, then here you must find barely a job liked by you.

20. 99 designs

Here is another type of job board, with a twist. On 99designs many projects are posted and the designers are free to submit their works in .jpg format; the clients admire the works, rate these and in the end, chose the winner. The prizes are motivating enough but the competitors are some of the best and sometimes you're leaving your income to chances.