15 Websites Where to Find the Best .PSD Files

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Stop reinventing the wheel every time you make a new design. With plenty of websites from where you can find free resources, your design time will be drastically reduced. Have a look.

An old saying let us know that the craft can’t be learned, it is stolen. In fact, it is really true, it’s awesome to have a good teacher to explain the keenness of a domain but it’s essential to have strong will and desire to learn. A designer has multiple modalities to learn, from the old school to the modern ways as blogs, podcasts, or tutorials. There is a useful, very practical method that many designers seem to ignore and I am always wondering why it isn’t enough emphasized. Much more, by using this you really steal the craft.   

I learn very many fine details by studying the .psd files of other more experienced designers and I strongly recommend barely trying this wonderful method. It’s true, it’s more useful when you have an idea about, so it isn’t fully useful for rocky level. Some bloggers create very good tutorials, where are explained the effects used and at the end is added a link to download the final .psd file, definitely it’s very practical and fantastically help the readers that follow the respective tutorial. On the other hand, some websites sell or offer free various items in .psd format; the main purpose of these is to be used in projects but none say it’s a sin to study these.  

Briefly, the idea is simple, in spite of theoretical articles (that are anyway useful), you should take into account the possibility of learning practical tips by studying some .psd files. In order to help you to find easier some good resources to download .psd files I create here a list that should cover all the fields and I hope to satisfy all the tastes of the readers. Enjoy and share!

1. PSD Hunter


Psd Hunter is a really amazing idea; let’s suppose you don’t like any of the resources below or you search for a specific item…somehow the idea of a search engine specific for .psd files seems to be useful. Yep, it is a search engine for these kind of resources and the result offered are relevant and useful. In conclusion, bookmark it, sooner or later it will be a necessity for you. 

2. Deviantart

Deviantart is a huge resource, nobody involved in web design can ignore such an impressive website. Here are tons of .psd files and many other resources. The multitude of solutions is an advantage but paradoxically, it may be a disadvantage, it may take you tons of hours to find the best results.

3. 365psd

It is a great website where you can find amazing products, from various buttons and forms to Facebook and Twitter elements. I appreciate very much the possibility of searching according to the tags and if you contribute here, the website offers exposure therefore some people may hire you.

4. Freebie Pixels

As the name itself is describing, here are countless psd files and it’s impossible not to find something interesting for you. There are also other elements very useful for your future projects as textures, brushes, actions, icons etc.

5. Download psd

It’s true that it shouldn’t be a reason but the design of the website is wonderful, visit it to be amazed. The resources are very useful, free and the huge majority of these are high quality.

6. Psd Graphics

It is another great resource and here you find four great categories of products: backgrounds, tutorials (not updated), templates and of course, .psd files. Please be careful, if you use these in commercial purposes is required a small payment. Anyway, by comparing the price with the quality of the materials you will see that it’s a real bargain to buy these.

7. Graphics Fuel

The main scope of the website is to sell different graphic design resources, and obviously, you can study the ideas of the designers. The materials from here make anyone to bookmark this website, there are many interesting items. 

8. Free psd files

Free psd files is self-explicatory and you should visit to enjoy the latest materials.

9. Psdhome

If you manage to study barely a quarter of the files uploaded, I have no doubt that you will became a great designer. Tons of various types of materials covering all aspects of a website are available for you, enjoy!

10. Dezignus

The slogan used by owner is nice and true: “Design Freebie Heaven” (it is situated into the header that is superb, see the nice moving effect). Please let me know if you search for something and you couldn’t find a suitable solution, there are gazillions of projects.

11. Psd Point

This website has incomparable fewer materials as the previous ones, it was launched this year in January but the quality of the offer convinced me to add here. Let’s hope that the team behind will continue the good work. 

12. Freebies Gallery

Here are many resources, it’s not a waste of time to visit the website. Freebies Gallery contains may psd files, grouped into “buttons”, “forms”, “navigation”.

13. Theme Forest

You may be tempted to believe that I confounded the resources but Theme Forest offer .psd projects so you may benefit from (unfortunately these  aren’t free but the payment is very low). This market is too famous to upload decent or bad materials and it’s is enough to convince anyone that investing some money here is a good affair.

14. Psd style

Another new website promises to be a helpful resource. Here are many interesting items and I recommend to visit yourself.

15.  Graphisutra

You shouldn’t forget that even our blog offer precious and free .psd files and we welcome you to admire and download them.