15 Websites to Showcase Your Portfolio And Get More Clients

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Increase your exposure and add your portfolio to these recommended websites. Get more clients and show them what you can do!

It’s frustrating to find out about talented designers that don’t have to work or receive low payments for amazing projects. We are all living on a small planet under some cruel, but fair rules of capitalism. Willing or not, in web design world it means that not necessarily the most talented designer will be hired to accomplish the most important projects. More pragmatically, if you are the best designer in town, it’s not equivalent that you must live in a luxurious penthouse.

The first step in having clients and a better life is to accept that your web design skills are vital but gaining more money means to have a marketing policy, communication abilities, diplomacy, and a never-ending policy of self-promoting. Much more, it’s worldwide accepted that each web designer must have an online portfolio exposing his best works. A fundamental mistake, very common amongst all the designers, is that they create a wonderful portfolio, offer some modalities to contact and voila, the portfolio is finished. In order to have clients it’s mandatory to attract them, very rarely is happening that a client to search for portfolios. In conclusion, it’s vital to create a strategy to follow in order to gain clients. Probably, the first step is to be dynamic, not to lose time and opportunities. As an example of what really means to highly active promote your business is a well known famous case, very wide spread amongst entrepreneurs about a web designer that when he stopped his car at the intersection, until the traffic lights allow to continue his movement he talked to other drivers and presented his discounts. Maybe it’s too exaggerated but sometimes the success is reserves for the adventurous ones.

Obviously, it’s your decision and this post is just an own perspective but I recommend to think twice when it’s about your future. In your attempting to gain clients and money, I tried to help you by showcasing 15 online presences where to upload some of your best works to impress the viewers. I tried as much as possible to offer a large array of solutions- from targeted ones to generalist ones, from CSS galleries to huge networks of photo and video sharing.

1. deviantART

It’s logical to upload some of your works on this huge network that is visited by billions of people, you benefit here from good exposure. The huge disadvantage of deviantART consists in having countless contributors; therefore, you will be noticed only by presenting extraordinary projects. The large array of works exposed here will satisfy you and it’ impossible not to find a category suitable for you.

2. Behance

Personally, I think that being designer and not being present on Behance is inacceptable. This online place is well-known even by clients so how to miss you, the designer. The works exposed are only top quality, don’t get me wrong, but if you don’t upload a good item, is better to wait until you create something to make people say “wow”.

3. HTML5 gallery

HTML5 and CSS3 are the future of web design; the designer of the 2014 surely will be skilled in the use of these tools. As a result, why not expose your works to impress the viewers and prepare your brigh future. If you created an amazing website using HTML5 here is a very good possibility to expose here and gain recognition.

4. Mobile awesomeness

Another future feature of the next generation of websites is the ability of being fully rendered on various types of displays, different Internet connecting devices that use different operating systems. This won’t be very easily to realize but it’s a must and the great developers already founded solutions. If you are one of them that created amazing mobile versions of websites don’t be afraid to present here your works. 

5. Logopond

If you are a logo designer, then Logopond shouldn’t be a strange name for you. Here are uploaded some of the best logos ever created and the best logo designers are also commenting on other logos. Logopond is a high quality logo designers community and many clients are visiting this to get in touch with some designers. 

6. Flickr

It is situated in the same category with deviantART, therefore the advantages/disadvantages are pretty the same. But there is no mistake in uploading your works on both networks.

7. Elance

Elance is a famous job board and there is no wise decision than uploading your portfolio on a very good job board. A client may read your bid, admire the portfolio, and select you to realize his projects. I used this modality of promoting my skills and really worked.

8. Vimeo

This video sharing platform is perfectly suited to the needs of a graphic motion designer. It’s simple: you upload some of the best videos you created and clients will be impressed and ask for your services.

9. Krop

Krop is another famous job board and also you must present to the interested ones your potential. Here you may build a portfolio, search for a job or for a service provider, post a job or read the blog. Overall, Krop fully deserve your attention.

10. CSS elite

We can’t ignore the developers and CSS elite is a wonderful place where they are able to show their skills. I am in doubt about the chances of directly being hired by a client but CSS elite is an opportunity to get in touch with other similar specialists and gain recognition.

11. Creattica

It is for the elite of the designers but you must dare to reach this cornerstone of your career. Here are thousands of designers and it will be difficult to get remarked but once someone is hiring you everything is going into the right direction. Usually, the prices asked from Creattica designers are pretty motivating.

12. Design Crowd

It’s not a bad joke when I say that Design Crowd may be your job. Here you are allowed to expose your works, compete on various projects, read news from the blog or hire other designers.

13. Best web gallery

As the name is self describing, here are exposed amazing web layouts and you, the web designer, shouldn’t miss this chance and show to the viewers your creations.

14. Coroflot

I think everyone knows Coroflot and, of course, isn’t wisely not to have here barely few projects for the viewers.

15. Design related

It is another place where you must highlight your skills. Visit it and you won’t regret! Unfortunately, you may submit your works only by receiving the OK of the website administrators.