Fascinating Digital Art Photoshop Tutorials

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If you'd like to brush up on your digital painting skills, have a look at our collection of digital art tutorials to help you get going.

About Digital Art

Since the begining of the computer era, people have tried to use computers to create art, as early as the 60s according to Timeline of computer animation in film and tv on Wikipedia, with probably the best known example being Tron from 1982. As computers grew more powerful, so did the quality of the work done with them begin to increase, to the point that a lot of people nowadays use computers to create still, 2D digital art on their computer (sometimes referred to as computer art) using tables such as those made by Wacom and in software such as Adobe Photoshop. Even though the old oil and canvas techniques are as popular as ever, digital art has been gradually taking on to the point of becoming mainstream and provides yet another way for many people to express their creativity.

Though created digitally, digital art is not limited to the computer screen, as canvas prints are becoming a popular way of getting great decorative art for ones home. I've compiled this list of great digital art tutorials for Photoshop so that you (and I) can learn a bit more about digital art and hone our skills - and maybe even grabbing one of those prints with our own personal art.

The Digital Art Tutorials


Creating an Abstract Hollow Shape in Photoshop


Making of The Futuristic City


How to Create an Environmental Painting in Photoshop


Making of Mohican Warrior Portrait


Making of What are they staring at?


Making of The Meeting


Making of Bunnies Land


Matte Painting: Maison hantée


Digital painting tutorial: Thor


Making of Twisted Mind of Puyuh


The Corridor


King Dodongo Tutorial


Fantastic Tree


Creating Broken Link


Create an Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration


How to Create a Fantasy “Mother Nature” Scene


Landscape photo manipulation


Making of Fire Energy


Making of Bronze Dragon

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