25 Stunning Before and After Images

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Have a look at the difference digitally processing a photo can make.

Making a website is a difficult job but the value of it may be objectively judged. A layout must respect some rules of design, some rules of typography, few tips about colors and of course, into the final result, the inspiration and the talent of the designer are playing an important role. Having an objective evaluation is great, you can’t be accused without any solid proof. There is a special category of projects that are completely subjective and it is really a perpetual challenge for any designer. Retouching photos is a very attractive job but a very good item must satisfy the tastes of many people and it is impossible. In spite of that, many designers created amazing works that simply delighted all the viewers. Personally, I don’t consider them as designers, they are mostly artists and their works must be admired and respected.

“Before and after” is a specific kind of projects, the viewers has the before image and near it, in the same file, there is the “after” version that of course, will make anyone say “wow”. The words are useless, therefore enjoy the collection bellow and let us know if you create similar projects to may present to the readers. It will be great to know your opinion about the creators of these, are they artist or not?


1. Retouch HUB

2. Husein 2 

by Marc Short

3. Potoforio

4. Eliana

5. Ready for you

by angelitonegro

6. Before and after

by natashakazz

7. Iipvapi

8. Before and after

by Design-Maker

9. Before and after retouching

by BigBad-Red

10. Widen

11. Before and after

by Leafbreeze7

12. Before After 39

by B-r-a-c-i-a-t-a

13. Before and after 2..

by hiemsadventum

14. Poetic Image

15. Retouch-Before and After 81

by Holly 6669666

16. Beauty

by Chirag Doshi

17. Virtu Allin

18. Pure before and after

by Mias-Photography

19. Frankie Pereira

20. Before-after retouch 1

by orkadesign

21. Before-after retouch 23

by orkadesign

22. Before "N" after

by IrethStyle

23. Snow white before and after

by Mc126

24. Before and after the design 99

by New-Afnan

25. Poetic Image