25 Outstanding Web Hosting Company Designs

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A great showcase presenting the most interesting designs of official websites of web hosting companies.

There are many things to consider with web site hosting companies, and design usually doesn't strike us as the most important. And even though sometimes a bad design only means that the company is cutting costs and has a to-the-point attitude, often it can tell the customer how much does that company pay attention to details and how dedicated it will be to make sure that the website of the customer are going to be running smoothly. Even image hosting should have an easy-to-use, smart design.

Fortunately, the Internet is full of hosting provider solutions and users have a large palette of options, some of them free and some requiring a small payment, depending on your plan, preferences and needs. This article showcases some of the most beautiful websites of companies in this domain.

In conclusion, I hope that the websites from below inspire you with your web design work and perhaps only slightly guide you if you need a web hosting company.

1. Eleven2

2. Web-hosting

3. Green Geeks

4. Media Template

5. Hosting.com

6. Appolo Hosting

7. Hosting Metro

8. NTC hosting

9. Hosty

10. Web Hosting.uk

11. Surpass Hosting

12. AN Hosting

13. Dream Host

14. Engine Hosting

15. 1 free hosting

16. Spatiul Ro

17. Vortech

18. Webzpro

19. WH web hosting

20. Top 100 web hosting

21. Go Daddy

22. Wild West Domains

23. eNom

24. Mk host

25. NaMedia