25 Incredible Fractals

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Fractal art is a form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images, animations, and media. Join us to explore some amazing fractals.

Fractal is a term not very common to Internet users but I am sure that all people surfing on web at least once were simply amazed by one. A fractal is mostly an abstract image that impresses the viewers due to the color palette used and the level of details. At his inner essence a fractal is the representation of a mathematical formula but I am in doubt that you may be interested in these details (I was never good at math, it is pardonable).

Anyway, no matter how math these include, the fractals are amazing. In spite of the huge level of complexity, a fractal isn’t necessarily too difficult to create. There are many software that allow to create impressive fractals, all depends of the time invested into the project and of course, there is always needed inspiration and passion. Much more, some of these tools are open source, therefore you may download and enjoy creating your first work.

Please let me know if you are interested in having here a post presenting the best resources for creating fractals. Some of the most used tools are Apophysis, Chaoscope, Incendia, Ultra Fractal but you can use also Adobe Photoshop. If you are still reticent about the beauty of the fractals then I have the best remedy for you: here are 25 of the best fractals. Enjoy them and share with us your opinions.


1. Sacral Nirvana

by Chiara Biancheri

2. Fractal stockies

by zananeichan

3. Fractal

by JF Muni

4. Fractal

by DONGofaHONGkong

5. Fractal Images 2011 

by Randall Page

6. Fractal 306

by Silvian25g

7. Fractal Blue

by dragontech22

8. Fractal 139

by Silvian25g

9. Fractal stock

by OutsideFate

10. Fractal turbine

by cyberxaos

11. Solitude

by Easel

12. Eclipse

by Jack Breedon

13. Misc fractals pre 2011

by Angie Bowen

14. Fractal

by Drazen Jercovic

15. UF session 1

by Avantgarda

16. Pine Smell

by Ivanina Popova

17. Space Metropolis

by love1008

18. Fractal 323

by Silvian25g

19. Fractal explosion

by Jindra 12

20. Macro Marble Fractal

by somadjinn

21. Fractal Art series

by Benjie Cabanas

22. Hot Fractal

by DiZa-74

23. Omega fractal

by Jason-C

24. Fractal Daydreams

by Dennis Boots

25. Steampunk Fractal

by Kancano