25 Cool Facebook Timeline Covers

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Were you waiting for the perfect timeline photo? Here's 25 cool facebook timeline covers.


It is exaggerated that if you don’t have a Facebook account, you don’t exist but it has a basis to sustain this idea. Take my example, I have lost the contacts of many friends from secondary school, and across time we didn’t know about each others. Fortunately, this wonderful social network helped us very much and now I keep a strong relationship with the huge majority of them, in fact all except the ones that don’t have a Facebook account.

In order to keep the users, the team behind Facebook decided to bring from time to time a major changing and one of these was the timeline. The advantage of it is that all the previous events and actions are presented chronologic, some appreciated  while others aren’t satisfied by. Another interesting fact is the timeline cover, an image to represent your profile…it’s impossible not to be familiarized with if you have a Facebook profile.

In this post, I try to impress you with some of the best timeline covers; the designers let us see their creativity even on Facebook, therefore enjoy these masterpieces. 


1. Black Maserati

2. Never give up!

3. Cape

4. Funny dalmatians

5. Skateboarding

6. Sniper camouflage

7. Love

8. The definition of a friend


9. The cycle of life

10. Hope for sunshine

11. 1010101010

12. Peaceful Bridge

13. Cute timeline

14. Words of love

15. Be(lieve) in yourself

16. British flag

17. Guitar

18. Anonymous

19. Steve Jobs

20. Yin-Yang

21. Lovely lesson

22. You look silly

23. Funny Monkey

24. Cute boy

25. Balls in colors