11 Clever Ads by ISP Companies

Dino Angelov writes about all things design and is the owner of a Free PSDs search engine.

How do you advertise fast internet access to your users? Let's look at a few ads from ISP/telephony companies.

Did you know that the average maximum internet speed available to consumers was about 56kbits up to 1997? That means that your average 20mb YouTube video would take 6 hours to load! Nowadays though, internet speeds have become amazingly fast, enabling us all the Netflix, Hulu and YouTube video streaming we want, all the while checking our email, chatting and browsing. Broadband service providers want to take advantage of these improvements and advertise them to the users - and they need to get pretty clever.


Airtel Broadband


Celcom Broadband: 1, 2 and 3


Netvision 13 Internet Service


Comcast High-Speed Internet


Karlstads Stadsnät


Perspektiv Broadband




Welho Broadband


Karlskoga Energi


DDB Stockholm