5 Marketing Tips for the Freelance Designer

The world of freelancing has grown exponentially, encompassing everything from writers and illustrators, to consultants and virtual assistants. However, one of the fastest growing freelance communities is made up of graphic designers. While an abundance o Read more

Casino Inspiration For Graphic Design

Gambling has been around for ages. Archeological artifacts indicate that games have been played for over 5000 years, although it is uncertain if there were in fact any bets in place. Read more

Converting Video To DVD: Using Movavi Video Converter

This explanation is relevant to Windows users only. You have shot an amazing video with your camera and now you want to view it on a DVD player, or it might also be the case that you clean up some space on your hard drive and burn videos on to the DVD. In Read more


Create a Rubber Stamp

Learn how to create a realistic rubber stamp in Photoshop.
Photo Manipulation

Create Fake Sunglassess Reflection

Easily create a fake reflection in sunglasses.

Movie Credits (Green Lantern) Text Effect

Learn how to create the text effect found on Green Lantern's movie credits in Photoshop.

Superb Folded Text Effects

Discover the easy-to-understand and outstanding techniques behind building a perspective and superb folded text in a 3D environment
Interface Design

Make a Polaroid Effect for Your Photos

If you have photos on your blog or website, this polaroid photo technique will make them catchy and beautifully displayed.